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Before you visit New Zealand, I think you have to understand more about New Zealand. Then you can really enjoy it.
Geography Position
At the South Pacific Ocean, the total length is 1600km, near Antarctica. Composed by the North and the South islands, total landscape is 27.5million km2 (About 7 times larger than Taiwan). 
The Highest Mountain: Mt. Cook(庫克山),3754m.
The Largest Lake: Lake Taupo(陶波湖),606km2 .
The Dippiest Lake: Lake Hauroko(郝羅口湖),462m.
The Longest River: Waikato(懷卡多河),425km.
The Largest Glacier: Tasman Glacier(塔斯曼冰河),29km.
380million people.
The Largest City :Auckland(奧克蘭),100 million people.
The Second Largest City :Wellington(威靈頓),Captial.
The Third Largest City :Christchurch(基督城),The Largest City at the South Island.
The winter and summer is totally different with Taiwan. Winter is June to August, summer is December to February.
City in Chinese City Temperature in Summer Temperature in Winter
奧克蘭 Auckland 23.8 15.1
威靈頓 Wellington 20.3 11.2
基督城 Christchurch 22.6 11.1
但尼丁 Dunedin 18.9 9.9
皇后鎮 Queenstown 22 10
Departure and Arrival
Because the main economic activity of New Zealand are agricultures, so they have strict constrains on many things. Especially, you can't bring any plant and fruit, any thing that might make any dangerous for their cows, sheep and plants.

When you leave New Zealand, you have to pay NZ$25 departure fee. (You can pay at the Bank of New Zealand at ground or 2nd floor.) If you want to take a suitcase with you to aboard air plant, please notice the size and weight of your suitcase. Because before you pass the customer, they will check your suitcase. If they find your suitcase is overweight (The limit is 7kg) or oversize, they will ask you to pay extra pay.

If you are a Taiwanese, you need a VISA to enter New Zealand. Usually, for Visitor VISA, you can stay in New Zealand for 3 months. You also can apply Work VISA or Student VISA.
The Volts is 230-240v.
Time Difference
In winter (March- October), there are 4 hours earlier than Taiwan.  But in summer (October- March) , there are 5 hours earlier than Taiwan. Why do they have this difference? Because of Daylight Saving. At the 5th of Oct., they will turn an hour forward, and at the 5th of March, they will turn it back. For Taiwanese, we have to take care of it, because we don't have this problem in our country. Maybe you will miss the bus of air flight, just because you have no idea about this.
In New Zealand, their money called New Zealand dollars (NZ$). Comparing to Taiwan, NZ$ 1 = NT$ 20.

The paper money has NZ$ 100、50、20、10、5. Coins have NZ$2、1、50、20、10、5.

Office Time
Banks: Mon. to Fri. 9:30--16:30 (Some Banks also open at weekend.)
Post Offices: Mon. to Fri. 9:00--17:00 (Big Banks open at Sat.)
Stores: Mon to Thu 9:00--17:30
             Fri & Sat 9:00--19:00
             Sun 10:00--16:00
Basically, people use cars for daily transportation. But the driver sit is at right hand side, and the cars drive at left hand side. So you have to notice the difference with Taiwan. At country side, there are not so many cars, so you can drive with International Driving License and your courage. I think it's not so difficult. Only at round about, they don't have traffic light, so you have to notice when you want to pass the round about.

When you sit in the car, you have to tight safety belt. If you want to turn right at the road cross, you have to let the left turn car go first.


In the big cities, the bus service is not bad, but they don't have bus service in small cities. Usually, there are more bus service at Monday to Friday. During the weekend, they don't have so many bus service. If you live in the suburbs, you only have a bus service per hour. In some cities, they have bus service information system, they can show you how long you have to wait fir your bus. It's very convenient.


The buses and trains service are not very good. There are only Auckland to Wellington and back having trains service. There are a train per day, and the price are very closed to air ticket.
You don't need to pay tips in New Zealand. Everything has included 12.5% GST in it.
Commodity Prices
The commodity prices are much expensive than Taipei. So when we arrived here, we couldn't get use to the price here. We found only one thing is the same price with Taiwan - the MacDonald's soft pop cone.
If you make a local phone call, the price is NZ$0.50. If you make a long distance call, the price depends on the distance. Sometimes is 70 cents, sometimes is NZ$1.20. Basically, there are card phones, you will find it's difficult to find a coin phone.


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