Before we can read much news about a singer or actor go to overseas to study English. Or your friends quit their job and go to study English to recharge their energy. Let me told you my experience.
Basically, we want to improve our English, so we go to study English overseas. But actually, I think the price of studying overseas is you can open your mind and eyes to experience the different life style. And you can meet many friends from different countries.

But in my case, I went to study English, because I think it will very important if I want to get a good job. More and more companies ask the English ability. And it's very difficult to go to overseas for a long time after you begin working. I think it worth it so far.

Do I need to find a agent?

I think if you have time, you don't need to find a agent to help you to apply a school. It's not so difficult for finding a language school. All you have to do is using the Internet, trying to find a school you prefer, and apply online. Many school can help you to arrange your homestay, you just ask then they will help you to handle this. So you can save a lot of money (about 5000-6000NT). Many language schools have Chinese consultant, so you can use Chinese to ask questions. On the other hand, if you are very busy or your English is not good enough, you can find a agent. You just tell them your personal information and your request, they will help you to do anything. Even passport, visa and air ticket.

Overseas Studying Group?

Every year, during summer and winter vocation, there are many overseas studying groups. I think it's good for the students who want to go to overseas first time. Because they have teachers and the students are all from Taiwan. They can take care each other. And the price might be cheaper. But the problem is all of them are Taiwanese, they may speak Chinese all the time.....and their English won't improve.

How to choose the country?

In many English speaking countries, the price of the U.S.A. and the U.K. are higher than other countries. Not only the school fee but also living costs. If you want to choose cheaper places, New Zealand, Australia and Canada are good choice. It also relates about the difference of American English and British English. Basically, they are the same, but have a little difference in using. The U.S.A. and Canada belong to American English. And others are British English. (In Taiwan, we learn American English at school.)

What should I prepare?

Before you go to aboard, you should know what things are experience. Basically, I think everything is cheaper in Taiwan. So if you can bring more, I think to buy everything you need in Taiwan is a good idea. (Such as batteries, stationeries and films.. so on) Then you can save a lot of money!


Usually you have to live in homestay, so you have to try to mix their life style as soon as possible. Every day I try to think different topics to discuss with my homestay parents. Such as culture, life style or what you see everyday. They will like to discuss to you, and you can improve your English all the time. Don't be afraid your English, because they will try to understand your speaking.


We will prepare a gift for our homestay. We can prepare a gift with Chinese style and give to them at the first day when you arrive your homestay. You don't have to prepare very expensive gifts. The most important thing is you can enjoy your life with them.

Go to School

In school, it just like to study English in Taiwan. Only one different is most English teachers in Taiwan using Chinese to teach English. I think how they can help by using Chinese to teach English?! And when you choose school, you have to care about how many Chinese in the school. If you choose a school full of Chinese, you will have many chance to speak Chinese not only after school but also in class.

Generally, you can choose your afternoon class at language school. Big language school has many choice, such as activity, conversation, skill, writing, pronunciation and TOEIC... so on. You can choose one following your request.

In school. all students have the same prospers -- Improving their English. So if you can open your mind, you can make friends from different countries very easy.


If you would like to go around the city, every weekend is very important. Because during weekdays, you don't have time to go for a look. You can go around at weekend. Many cities, you can use bus card to everywhere in a month with the same price. So you can spend a little money and go to many places by bus. I spent two months to visit every places near Auckland. So if you want to stay longer, I suggest you can choose different cities, then you can visit more places with lower price.

My Feeling

After I came back to Taiwan, I think my listening and speaking is improved. Especially my listening. I have to try hard to listen what people say, what the TV say....In New Zealand, the TV don't have any subtitle. So you have to listen carefully, then you can understand. When you get used to the speaking speed, you can understand more.

Our basic English ability is not so bad than Japanese or Korean. Only vocabulary is not enough for daily conversation. Usually, the teacher talks about a new word I don't know, but the Japanese or Korean know....It makes me feeling depressed....

After reading so many things, the most important thing is go to experience by yourself. Then you can understand the feeling. Don't feel afraid of speaking English. Just speaking, even your grammar or pronounce is very bad, they will understand what you mean. And they will like to talk to you.


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