**NZ Impression-奧克蘭2003慶典

就在快結束課程的最後一個禮拜,還很幸運的遇到了AK03 Festival。他們說這是很多年來第一次辦,他們已經完全不記得上次是再什麼時候了,也許都已經超過20年以上了~在這種情況之下,當然要去看看了~

主要的會場除了在Civic Theater旁的Aotea Square外,連一旁的交通要道Queen St.也封了一段起來。原本以為會有所不同的,可是誰知...在廣場中的攤位和平常星期五下午及星期六的假日市場的攤位一模一樣.....只有馬路上多搭起了舞台和多擺了很多吃的攤位...其他根本就沒有什麼不同~

舞台上裝著音響和燈光,不停的放著搖滾樂。其他的還有晚上的燈光秀,可是因為在晚上所以沒機會去看看~另外在Civic Theater裡面有著許多的表演,但是都要收票的~這樣就是廣告打的很大的AK03 Festival....讓我覺得很失望,不過到了晚上整個廣場還是充滿了人,大家可能很滿意吧~
(AK03 Festival)

Auckland Festival? My homestay parents said the last time that they had festival in Auckland was over 20 years ago. So they think this time should be great! I'm lucky, I can go to the festival on my last weekend in Auckland.

Saturday morning, when I arrived at the Civic Theater, there were a lot of people there. A big stage had been built on the street, and there were many street vendors' stalls on the road and Aotea Square. At first, I thought it was special, but after I strolled around. I felt disappointed! The stalls were almost the same as every weekend's weekend market. Nothing! Nothing special!

There are many shows in the Civic Theater, but you need a ticket. The fee ones I can see every weekend. How can they call this festival? A festival should be more colorful, have more fantasy, be more fun.


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