**NZ Impression-綁架?謀殺?




(Abducting? Murdering?)

These days in New Zealand, the most important news is about six-year-old little girl (Her name is Carol). Her stepfather took her to school in the morning, and after school her mother drove to school to pick her up. Then she found she hadn't been to school all day. The school thought she was sick and had stayed at home. Who would abduct a little girl?

The follow week, police tried to find her, and many volunteers from all over New Zealand joined the search. Their family members flew to their home to support them. I was touched beyond words. I have to say most New Zealanders are warmhearted. I like this feeling.

Before, in Taiwan, an actress's daughter was kidnapped. The police tried very hard to find her. Finally, two of the criminals had killed in a street gunfight with police. The last one occupied the South Africa military attaché's house. All of our news channels had live reports all night. After ten hours, he surrendered. I can't remember their talking about any volunteers getting involved in searching for her. I just remember the ridiculous news reports.

All the stories had sad ending: the girls all died. In New Zealand, the little girl had been killed by her stepfather. It made me feel angry! How could he pretend he was sad all week? On TV, he asked people to help them find the little girl, and went to church to pray for the little girl!

On the other hand, he had a criminal record with 19 previous convictions, but he never went to jail. Is it correct? The law should protect good people and punish bad people. How could he still be free? How could he have a chance to hurt other people? What kind of world is it?

The little girl's mother ignored the criminal records and married him. She said "Treasure your children and be sure they are safe." Did she support a safe environment for her little girl?

I just feel sorry about the little girl. She was so young, and there were many experiences waiting for her. Now she has lost the chance to experience the world. Fortunately, nobody can hurt her anymore.

Teacher comment: I got a real lump in my throat, when I read your essay. The last page says it all.


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