NZ Impression- 種族歧視




I have been here for three months. This Saturday was the first time I felt very upset, because I met racists twice in ten minutes.

We went to Mission Bay and enjoyed a nice brunch. After that, we stood on the street and waited for the bus to go back downtown. While we were waiting, many cars passed. The first time, a car honked at us. A few minutes later, another car passed and people in the car yelled loudly at us. What a sad situation! We were standing there waiting for buses, we weren't doing anything bad. How could they treat us like this? I really like New Zealand, but I hate this feeling.

No doubt, there are some bloody Asians, but I believe most Asians are good people. We work hard. We save money to buy new cars and now houses. I think they are jealous, because they think we are taking their job opportunities. Actually, if they work hard, they can get anything they want. They are just too lazy to work.

Teacher comment: That's telling it like it is. I'm so sorry you had to experience prejudice like that. It's sad that people feel so threatened and are so awesome.


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