**NZ Impression-餐桌的主位

(Main seat at the dinner table)

In my homestay, we usually have dinner in the living room, so we can sit anywhere. We only have to sit at the dinner table, when we have guests. But one thing confuses me. In our country, the seats at the head of the table are the main seats, belong to the host or hostess. In my homestay, usually guests or we students can sit there, and my homestay parents sit at the foot of the table, so I don't know which seat is the main seat.

One day, I asked them. They said basically their main seat is the same as in our country, but they don't care. And they like to sit on the seat nearest the kitchen, then they can serve dinner easily. Sometimes we also follow this seating rule: boys and girls alternate, giving everyone more of a chance to talk.

Teacher's comment: That's true. I grow up with that. And traditionally the husband sits at the head and the wife at the foot. The foot of the table is the side nearest the kitchen, making it easier for the wife to move between the table and the kitchen. In the 1800's I would imagine the head of the table would be the end perceived as most prominent.


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