**NZ Impression-Student's uniform


(Student's Uniform)

Since I came here until now, one thing made me feel confused. Who do Intermediate and Collage students always wear short pants or skirts, no matter the weather? Whether its cold or not? Sometimes I feel very cold and I can't stop myself shivering, but students walk on the street still wear short pants and skirts! I always think " How can they cope? Why can't they wear long pants or skirts?"

In our country, we change to long pants during winter, and change to short ones in summer. My homestay mother said it's probably because of the culture. For many years, they wore short pants and skirts, and nobody thought about changing it. Students could wear long socks in winter, so they wouldn't feel cold.

Now in NZ, schools would turn on the heaters every morning, so when the students arrived at their school, they wouldn't feel cold. But schools usually turn off heaters at 11 o'clock to save electricity. So if the day wasn't sunny, the students would feel very cold.

Teacher's comment: Interesting point. Some schools allow both boys and girls to wear long trousers in winter.


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