**NZ Impression-亞洲人很多

紐西蘭亞洲國家的人看起來好多,做公車或是到了市區看,幾乎很多都是亞洲人的模樣,甚至在公車上都常常可以聽到大陸人說話...,很多的亞洲人開的商店,像是便利商店、餐飲店之類的,幾乎有一半以上都是亞洲人的感覺,反到真正的Kiwi似乎不多見~~後來和寄宿家庭的爸媽聊到這件事,他們說之前有個星期五晚上大約七點多,當他們走在Queen Street上時,他們竟然沒看到一個歐洲人,全部都是亞洲人!


(There are so many Asian people)

When I arrived New Zealand. I found one thing very strange - there are so many Asian people! When I walk on Queen St., I see many Chinese, Japanese and Koreans. There are many Asian shops every where. When I went to One Tree Hill, I meat a lot of Chinese. On the bus, I can hear Chinese or Japanese. I don't know where I am. Am I in New Zealand? Or am I just in some Asian country? I told this to my homestay parents, they said at one Friday evening about 7 o'clock. When they walked on the Queen St., they couldn't find any European people. It's all Asian people. It's so amazing. Where are the Kiwi people going?!

(Teacher's comment: I think they are in the shopping mall, or in the restaurant areas like Ponsonby or Parnell.)


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