**NZ Impression--電話費、撥接費



(Telephone & Internet)

Auckland is very different from Taiwan. In Auckland, every month you have to pay NZ$ 45 for telephone line, and you can have unlimited local calls. If you make a phone call to Wellington, mobilphone or overseas, you have to pay more. In our country, our basic fee is NZ$ 5, and what you pay depends on how much you use, but if you often use telephone, unlimited is better. However, I don't think most people often using their telephone.

As for the Internet. Here most families use dial-up, but it's slow. You can pay NZ$ 39 per month, then you can connect to the Internet all month. In Taiwan, over 80% people use ADSL (which is much faster than dial-up), and we pay NZ$ 20 per month. It is hard to believe to use slowly dial-up. I asked my homestay father, he said usually they use internet just for e-mail or to check information. They don't use it that often, so it's fast enough for them.


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