**NZ Impression

紐西蘭哪一所大學最好呢?當我向寄宿家庭提出這個問題的時候,他們說這邊每一所大學都有自己專長的科目,所以這樣子問他們的話,他們實在是答不出來,像是醫學的話就要選Massey、電腦工程科學的話就是Auckland...,在問紐西蘭共有幾間大學?答案是六間!超乎想像的少,但是他們說到他們的人口並沒有那麼多,所以六間就夠了。至於是哪六間:Auckland、Victoria( Wellington)、 Waikato(是在Hamilton中)、Canterbury (Christchurch)、 Palmerston North (Massey)、 Dunedin(Otago)~

說到Invercagrill算是位在紐西蘭最南端的城市了,理論上這邊應該是冷的要死沒人想去的地方,但是政府為了吸引人加過去唸書,在這邊唸書的話就免費~~這樣吸引更多的人到這邊唸書,原本城市沒什麼人的,因為這樣後人口開始移入,才會越來越多人~而在Dunedin中的Otago是紐西蘭歷史最悠久的大學,之後就是Auckland University了~

In New Zealand, there are six universities. That surprised me at first, because we have over 100 universities in Taiwan.

My homestay father said because the population is so small, they don't need so many universities here. When I ask which it the best, they said it depends on the subject. Auckland University is good for technology, Waikato University is good for medicine. It is very different in Taiwan. Before we enter universities, we have a test. If you get high score, you can choose your school first. So it is very easy to find the best university in our country.

Other funny things: Otago is the oldest university in New Zealand, and you can study at Invercargill University for free. They said because it is so cold in Invercargill, nobody wants to go to there, so they use this way to attract people.


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