**NZ Impression-人口

紐西蘭人口共有300多萬人,但是有一百萬人就住在奧克蘭,另外一百萬人住在北島其他城市,而最後的一百萬人則住在南島。他們提到說在南島開車的話,你可能整條路開一天都沒有看到任何的車子,能遇到一台車的話就算是相當的新奇的了~不過如果我們去南島能開車的話,一定是很棒的享受~我問說萬一在路上出事了都沒車沒人知道,他們說每天都會有車子巡邏看看路上有沒有狀況,所以應該是沒有問題的。不過如果真的要去南島玩的話,參加kiwi experience的tour應該很不錯,因為可以在車上認識其他的旅行者,可以有更多的機會說英文交朋友~

We talk about the population not being big enough, so everything is expensive. I agree with this. There are only 3.8 million people in New Zealand, but there are 23 million people in Taiwan. The funny thing is New Zealand's land area equals about seven times Taiwan.

One day on the bus, the bus driver asked us how many people were in our country. He was amazed about this. When I talked to my homestay parents, they said a million people live in Auckland, two million people live in North Island, the other one million people live in South Island. They said if I drove at South Island, I would find to meet a car was very exciting. Sometimes I'll drive all day without meeting any car.

It's makes me feel terrible. If my car broken down on the road, and waited all day without seeing anyone. What should I do?

Teacher's Comment: You would have to wait, or call to AA, if you had a mobilphone. The AA rescues people from breakdowns.


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