**NZ Impression- 學校假期

說到他們有兩個禮拜的假期,今天在仔細的問了一下,原來他們暑假大約只有五個星期,而他們的兩個禮拜的假期叫做School Holiday,平均大約十個禮拜就會有兩個禮拜的假期,一年中大約會有四次的學校假期。而問到說這樣學生會不會都忘記之前教的,Heather說他們之前研究放五個星期的話學生就會忘記,但是兩個星期的話就不會發生了,而且每次一開始大都是不同主題的教學內容,所以不會有銜接上的問題~
(School Holiday)

Now is the happiest time for students, because it's school holidays. They have two weeks' holiday. Last time was ten weeks ago, so every ten weeks they get two weeks' holiday. At first, I thought it was very good, but actually their summer vacation is only a month. In our country, our summer vacation is about three months, but we don't have school holidays. For me, I prefer a longer summer vacation, because we have plenty of time to relax and can do a lot of things.

My homestay mother said two weeks' holiday is better, because students won't forget everything they learned in school. I think that's true. When I was at school, by the end of my holidays. I had almost forgotten everything. Sometimes I couldn't even remember my classmates' names.


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