**NZ Impression-收垃圾

紐西蘭每個禮拜只有一天收垃圾?!不要懷疑,這是真的。他們每天的垃圾都是放到家裡的一個很大的垃圾桶(Trash Bin),然後到了星期天晚上把垃圾桶推到大馬路上,星期一早上垃圾車會來收~~這真是太神奇了,我想應該也是因為這邊的天氣比較冷,東西比較不會發臭吧?不然這樣把東西放一個禮拜,也許早就發臭、長蟲了。今天早上一路上看到的都是大大的垃圾桶,還真的很特別的感覺~

(Trash Problem)

Rubbish only gets collected once a week in New Zealand. It is very hard to imagine for me! In our country, every morning garbage trucks go through roads and collect every family's trash. These days we try to stop collecting trash at weekend, and people feel it's inconvenient. So when I heard this, I was amazed. They put trash in a trash bin, and put it on the road every Sunday night. Every Monday morning, the garbage truck comes to collect the trash. My homestay father said they didn't have much trash, so it was no problem for them. I thought it was cold here, so once a week is OK. In our country, maybe it would full of maggots in three days.

Teacher comment: I think it's different in a hot place like Taiwan. It's not so necessary here. In Tokyo, rubbish was only collected once a aweek.


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